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#veganpho from #LaBelleCrepe #dtmpls #mpls
This movie…I don’t know what to say. It’s cute and funny and a little crazy. #pictureparis #paris #parisfreak #obsessedwithparis

I’ll be visiting family in 2 weeks and I’m nervous. No one really know that I’m changing my eating habits. My family is meat, meat, seafood, meat. I love seafood. Shrimp. Yumbers, but I don’t want to eat that anymore. My sister is already talking about going to the casino just for the buffet. I told her I’m not going. I’m not paying $40 for a salad. I’d rather not go. I so far only plan to go on some of my favorite trails. When I arrive I know I will have to buy food for me to eat. I’m trying to plan ahead.

My brother is visiting and wants to go to a Vietnamese restaurant. I went once 2 years ago before I changed my eating. I don’t remember if they had any healthy/vegan options. I may suggest a different restaurant or doing an activity.

Frozen mangos and 2 bananas for breakfast. #bethatethis #beththevegan #bethshereyf #breakfast
Today I got the #vegan marinated tofu burrito from #worldstreetkitchen #wsk #bethshereyf #bethatethis #bethslunch
#greenteasmoothie made with naked green machine, matcha powder and ice. #yumbers #smoothie
I went to #thesaladbar for lunch. This is my first time there. No meat in it but I got blue cheese and ranch dressing. I can’t stand vinegrette. Maybe one day. They had tofu but I saw it too late. It has inspired me to make more salad. #mpls #bethshereyf
I am documenting my small change for the next week and then what I will do as a result of my change. I haven’t gotten on the scale at a #ww meeting in a month. I’m tired of watching it so I am taking a break. I think in a few weeks I will do it again. I wanted to make some changes. If I didn’t change anything why would the number on the scale change. The number might change but not in the direction I want it to. ๐Ÿ˜œ I did #hiphopabs once so far this week and I will do it tonight. What I learned the hard way is you can follow do what everyone on Instagram and tumblr does but in the end you have to figure what works for you and why. #doyourownresearch #dothework #babysteps #beththevegan #weightwatchers #becomingbeth #bethshereyf
#vegan crispy marinated tofu rice bowl from #worldstreetkitchen #mpls #firsttimetrying #lunchtime #yumbers
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This conversation ๐Ÿ˜‚ from #urbandictionary is too funny. I was looking up my name after a friend did it on FB. Pretty accurate. #Beth
#artistproblems #scardycat #fear

I have been feeling like crap lately and struggling to change my eating habits. My boyfriend is an amazing cook and that makes it hard. After a long conversation last night he is going to eat vegetarian with me for 30 days! I plan to eventually become vegan and will eat mostly vegan but he doesn’t want to give up eggs. He wants to lose 20 lbs and me 75lbs to start (not in 30 days. Just in general) I think I want to take some before pics for myself at least and may share them here. I plan to officially start next month as I have to buy groceries and find some recipes.

I got that #triplecrown yo! I received my CC, CL, & ALB. I also received recognition as a secret agent for stepping in when needed and a I’m awesome button because well I’m awesome and an awesome secretary for our club. What a good day. #toastmasters #imatoastmaster